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دیتالاگر فشرده دما NANO-T (نوع طبی)-ZOGLAB


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دیتالاگر فشرده دما NANO-T (نوع طبی)

مشخصه ها

–        اندازه فشرده جهت حمل آسان، قابلیت اتصال به کامپیوتر از طریق USB

–        دارای هشداردهنده قابل مشاهده در مواقع عبور دما از حد مجاز

–        عاری از هر نوع مواد سمی و هالوژن، مناسب برای دارو و مواد غذایی

–        مناسب برای جمع آوری داده های مربوط به دما در محیطهای بسیار باریک و کوچک


l Measuring range:-40 C~85 C

l Storage temperature: -50 C~90 C

l Accuracy: ±۰٫۵ C

l Resolution: 0.1 C /F

l Memory size 15,000/30,000 values

l Alarm: Highlight LED indicator with dual colors

l Log interval: 2s~24h

l PC interface: USB 2.0

(l Supply: 3.6V Lithium battery (rechargeable) with 6-12 months (with refresh rate of 10 seconds.

l Material: ABS+PC, flame-retardant, toxicity and halogen free

l Dimension: 75×۲۱×۱۱mm
Weight: 12g

Data Logger Applications

ZOGLAB USB data loggers are used in a diverse range of applications around the world; from monitoring fridge temperatures for vaccines to charting the life of a battery under load.

Building Monitoring/HVAC/Energy Usage

Zoglab temperature data loggers (NANO-T) and temperature & humidity data loggers (NANO-TH) are used to monitor the environmental conditions throughout a complex or building. This helps to ensure the correct operation of heating or air-conditioning equipment, or that a warehouse is providing the correct storage environment for your stock.

The compact design and low cost of the ZOGLAB range make the first choice for this application, especially if a number of data loggers are required across a site.

(Refrigeration and Freezer (including Food & Medical Storage and Transportation

With both medicine and food, it is increasingly important for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and end users to have verifiable evidence that the correct environmental conditions have been provided and maintained from the moment of manufacture to the time that the goods are used. A number of ZOGLAB temperature data loggers (NANO-T) and temperature & humidity data loggers (NANO-TH) are ideal for these applications.

Agriculture, Horticulture, Environmental Studies

You can’t control the weather but you can keep a record of what it’s done when with NANO-T temperature data loggers, and NANO-TH temperature & humidity data loggers.

ZOGLAB: USB data logger for temperature and humidity, MODE: NANO-TH-DP-

ZOGLAB: USB data logger for temperature and humidity, MODE: NANO-TH-NP-

ZOGLAB: USB data logger for temperature and humidity, MODE: NANO-T-DP-

ZOGLAB: USB data logger for temperature and humidity, MODE: NANO-T-NP-

Certificate: CE,FCC,ISO9001,RoSH


Compact size for portable using; integrated USB interface for a convenient connection with PC.

Visual alarm when temperature or humidity is out of limit.

Housing material is free of toxicity and halogen, which is in compliance with food and drug safety requirements.

Suitable for temperature and humidity data collection in narrow space.

 Brand: ZOGLAB


  • (T Measuring range: -۴۰C~85C (DP: -30C~70C
  • T Accuracy: +-0.5C
  • T Resolution: 0.1C/F
  • H Measuring range: 0%~100%RH
  • (H Accuracy: +-3%RH(10%~85%) ,+-0.5%RH(other range
  • H Resolution: 0.1%RH


  • Memory size:  ۷/۱۵/۳۰/۴۵/۶۰/۹۰/۱۲۰ days
  • Alarm: High light LED indicator with dual colors
  • Start with Delay time: 1~120seconds
  • Start mode: Start immediately/ time-lapse start/ timing start
  • End mode: Full/FIFO/presetting units/timing end
  • Timing start/end: Random start/end with format YYMMDD HHMMSS
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • (Battery: ۳٫۶V lithium battery (rechargeable
  • (Battery lifetime: ۱۲۰days(Working time
  • Storage temperature: -50C~90C
  • Software: Quick log
  • Dimensions: ۷۹*۲۲*۷٫۴mm
  • Housing: ABS+PC, flame-retardant, toxicity and halogen free
  • Weight: 12g
  • Model:  Internal digital sensor
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